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Movies is a Business!!! As passionate as we are about the creative aspect of filmmaking, we strive on making movies that make money. Sell first make after. The Industry is not just passion any more, the minimum R.O.I is very track  able and certain guarantees really secure the investment.


RMMG in International.  Our mandate is to produce film with high value and low cost. Our relations vary from North America, Caribbean, Europe and Asia. Virgin Territories to film in, really ads the cheery on top. Distributors love it!


The world is globalizing in a rapid pace. Understanding domestic and global tax incentives is a real asset, strategically placing our productions in locations to suit both the creative and financial components is our strong suit.  The approach maximizes the genuine success for all stakeholders and investors.

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for 2022

RMMG Inc. is a Production House that specializes in feature films, tv series and high end music videos.

Currently we have 3 feature films in production stages and 1 that is set to be released by early 2023

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